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Team "IFLA" formed for "Landscape Architecture-Im/Export". bdla online communication in English

In order to further strengthen German landscape architecture on an international level and to highlight its competencies and potentials, the team "IFLA" has been constituted at the Association of German Landscape Architects. The name was chosen in reference to the associations of the profession worldwide IFLA and IFLA Europe.

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The initiators of the "IFLA" team include:
- Prof. Fritz Auweck, bdla international speaker 2013 to 2022 and former president of IFLA Europe.
- Laure Aubert, French landscape architect working in Germany and bdla member.
- Prof. Erich Buhmann, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences and member of the bdla working group Internationales.
- Almut Jirku, member of the IFLA Europe working group "New European Bauhaus".
- Gwendoly Kusters, bdla landscape architect at the city of Garbsen and official delegate of the German Federal Chamber of Architects (BAK) to IFLA Europe.
- Steffi Schüppel, landscape architect bdla/AIAPP, CATTANEO | SCHÜPPEL urban design and landscape architecture and designated bdla international spokesperson.

Together with full-time representatives of the BAK, current topics are to be prepared and synergies created in the future on short paths. "The bdla undertakes thereby the attempt to take into account the influence of the European dimension into the daily work practice of landscape architects strengthened"; comments Steffi Schüppel, designated Fachsprecherin Internationales of the bdla, the commitment of the federation.

Current fields of action are according to information of Steffi Schüppel the acknowledgment of German landscape architecture courses of studies with IFLA Europe as well as the participation in formats of the European Union initiative "new European building house"; the team supports in addition the welcoming offensive of the bdla for the meeting of the lack of specialists and further qualification of foreign employees.

With the Brussels liaison office of the Federal Chamber of Architects, the close professional support of the Commission's legislative projects on energy supply, climate adaptation, biodiversity and mobility transition is to be further consolidated.

Furthermore, the thematic complex "Europe and International Affairs" will be upgraded on the website of the bdla with its own section as well as additional English-language information on working and studying in Germany.

For further information about the commitment of the team "IFLA" you turn to Thomas Haas under This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

on-line communication of the bdla now completely in English

In order to step in particular with young talents from all world into contact, the professional association communicates on its web pages now throughout also in English. Thus on all news, specialized positions, information to study and occupation possibilities as well as job offers become internationally accessible. The same applies to the presentation of almost 600 planning offices with their more than 3,000 project presentations on This is made possible by the use of AI-based translation software.

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