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Documentation on the German Landscape Architecture Award 2021 competition published

The current competition brochure was published on May 13, 2022, on the occasion of the festive event for the awarding of the German Landscape Architecture Award 2021. The bilingual documentation presents the winners of the German Landscape Architecture Award 2021 as well as the awards in the categories "Public Space as Center", "Living Environment", Landscape and Environmental Planning / Landscape Experience", "Sport, Play, Movement", "Landscape Architecture in Detail", "Climate Adaptation", "Historic Facilities", "Atmospheric Spaces" and "Digital Innovation".

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In his foreword, bdla president Stephan Lenzen sums up the 15th competition year, which once again proves "landscape architects:inside design open spaces under the aspects of climate adaptation and biodiversity and thus create outstanding and valuable open spaces." He cites the need to "further increase the weight of landscape architecture within the design professions and in society. (...) Landscape architects, together with architects and urban planners, can be drivers of new thinking. We are challenged to take a pioneering role in creating and preserving resilient living spaces that are climate-responsive and climate-adapted."

Under the heading "Preserving Paradise," theologian Dr. Margot Käßmann addresses in her essay the intersections she, the theologian, has with landscape architects. "I am convinced that, in view of the ethical challenges of our time, we must think beyond our respective horizons in order to establish connections and thus join forces. Especially with regard to the ecological challenge, the question of living spaces for the future, this is the need of the hour." She summarizes that even after the time of paradise, even after the Flood, people have a responsibility to cultivate and preserve the earth. "We are charged with the responsible stewardship of creation. The rainbow is a symbol that God will not destroy the earth. But it takes two to make a covenant. The question is whether humans will uphold or fail their part in the covenant by mercilessly exploiting creation and not preserving it for future generations."

Especially for the present, but also for subsequent generations in the city of Augsburg, the Westpark, awarded the German Landscape Architecture Prize 2021, is a true "gift". Here, 60 hectares have been planned, preserved, built on and already maintained over 15 years. "Landscape architects Lohaus Carl Köhlmos envisioned a robust basic framework for the former barracks areas: a green frame facing the residential and commercial areas and a central ribbon of paths that sweeps through the lawns and meadowsflächen of the entire park. This strong design figure makes it possible to perceive the north-south green corridor, which is about four kilometers long in total, as a design unit," writes journalist Gesa Loschwitz-Himmel about the winning project. And: "Of course, content can also be changed in the future if needs change," adds Prof. Irene Lohaus. The author finds it hard to imagine that this might actually become necessary. "Every single place in the park is lovingly designed, seems well thought out and polished down to the last detail."

German Landscape Architecture Award 2021
Documentation of the competition
Bund Deutscher Landschaftsarchitekt:innen bdla (ed.)
German/English, 88 pages
The brochure can be ordered free of charge from the bdla.

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