5th bdla Planting Planner Days on September 27, 2022 online.

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With increasing densification of cities, advancing climate change and growing interest in greening, the use of plants is currently becoming increasingly important in landscape architecture. The online event of the bdla on September 27, 2022, starts exactly there.

Gustav Mahlerplein, Amsterdam. © Prof. Dr. Swantje Duthweiler

During the approximately four-hour training, the focus will be on three different areas:

  • Stormwater management and plant use,
  • special woody plant concepts and
  • Guidance on woody plantings and maintenance.

To this end, planning guidance, new standards and current research will be presented.

The event is aimed at landscape architects in planning offices and public authorities as well as experts in horticulture and landscaping and the tree nursery industry.

The conference was conceived by the bdla spokesperson for plant use, Prof. Dr. Swantje Duthweiler, Plant Use, Faculty of Landscape Architecture at the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences.


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