bdla workshop BIM implementation. Frankfurt/Main, September 9, 2022

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The implementation of Building Information Modeling poses numerous questions for open space and landscape planners when learning and applying this method. In the training on September 9, 2022 in Frankfurt/Main, pragmatic ways of implementation will be presented and discussed based on the experiences of various planning offices.

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The workshop will start with keynote speeches on the following topics:
- Goals of digitalization: digital processes, storing knowledge digitally and making it available, digital structuring of knowledge and data, securing data, data economy ...
- Goals of the BIM method: AIA BAP - What makes sense for open spaces?
- What does an office need to be able to do to make sense of a BIM project: Advanced training, templates, georeferencing, 3D modeling, ...
- IFC tags: sense of the tags, relation between IFC tag and the PSets, ...
- Attributes: Sense of attributes; which ones are absolutely necessary; realization via PSets and CustomPSets; data sparseness, ...
- Export IFC models: concept model view definition, structure via floors IFC tags layer classes, geolocation vs. project origin, collision check, check for completeness, transfer of mass attributes to AVA; ...

The afternoon will be available for questions and discussion of the morning's topics, as well as live demonstrations and explanations of the BIM models in the respective CAD software.


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