bdla publication "The qualified open space design plan".

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Professional handout for planners and builders as well as recommendations for cities and municipalities, published as a brochure and flyer

The bdla has currently published a handout for planners and builders/recommendations for cities and municipalities on the qualified open space design plan (FGP).

The reason for dealing with the planning instrument are the increasingly complex requirements for open spaces due to climate change and the diverse tasks in landscape architecture. The qualified open space design plan is the planning instrument to accelerate building permit procedures and to ensure the quality of the outdoor space. The FGP primarily refers to the unbuilt areas of the site as well as to measures for greening buildings.

In the brochure, arguments for and the contents of the FGP's as well as recommendations for the application practice are clearly compiled. An appendix with a checklist, informative balancing tables and examples from planning practice illustrate the contents.

In addition to the brochure, the bdla has published a handy information flyer. In it the reasons and advantages for the obligatory and in particular timely inclusion of the qualified open space design planning are specified compressed.

The 28-page A4 brochure and the info flyer in DIN long format are available free of charge from bdla; the printed publications can be ordered or are available for download(brochure / flyer).

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