German Landscape Architecture Award to "Neue Ufer Überlingen

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Jury awards one first prize and nine awards

The competition for the German Landscape Architecture Award 2023 has been decided. The First Prize goes to the "Neue Ufer Überlingen", design author:inside: relais Landschaftsarchitekten Heck Mommsen PartGmbB. This was the result of the jury meeting on April 21, 2023 in Berlin.

Neue Ufer Überlingen. Planning: relais Landschaftsarchitekten Heck Mommsen PartGmbB. © Hanns Joosten

At their meeting in the German Architecture Center, the judges appointed by the bdla under the direction of jury chairwoman Prof. Ute Aufmkolk, Die Planergruppe, Essen, reviewed the nominated works, awarded the
First Prize as well as awards in nine categories.

Awards go to:
Public space as center category: Marketplace and Lammegarten, Bad Salzdetfurth
Design authors:inside: POLA Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH

Category Living Environment: Prinz-Eugen-Park, Munich
Design authors:inside: liebald aufermann landschaftsarchitekten und stadtplaner PartGmbB

Category Use of Plants: Planten un Blomen, Dag-Hammarskjöld-Platz, Hamburg
Design authors:inside: POLA Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH

Category Young Landscape Architecture: Brettspiel, Bochum
Design author:inside: SOWATORINI Landschaft

Category Landscape and Urban Development: Waller Sand, Bremen
Design author:inside: A24 Landschaft Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH

Category Historic Sites: Brutalism reloaded. Gustav-Mahler-Treppe, Kassel
Design author:inside: LOMA architecture . landscape . urbanism with Riehl Bauermann Partner Landschaftsarchitekten

Category Landscape Architecture in Detail: Hafenumfeld Bad Karlshafen
Design author:inside: GTL I Michael Triebswetter Landschaftsarchitekt

Category Green-Blue Infrastructure: Garden Show Eppingen 2022
Design author:inside: PLANORAMA Landschaftsarchitektur

Category Maturity - Projects, 20 years and older: Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord, Duisburg
Design author:inside: Prof. em. o.e. Peter Latz, LATZ PARTNER LandschaftsArchitektur Stadtplanung

The competition
This is now the 16th competition since it was first announced in 1993. The subject is socially and ecologically oriented settlement and landscape development as well as contemporary open space planning. Ecological, social and economic challenges characterize our time: advancing climate change, increasing scarcity of resources, massive loss of biodiversity. Increasing demands are being placed on the efficiency of the environment. With great effort, existing infrastructures are constantly being adapted to the changing conditions, entire systems have to be rebuilt. In addition to the ecological consequences, the social impacts of climate change are becoming increasingly apparent. Climate adaptation and climate protection are becoming compelling tasks. The quality of open spaces in cities and rural areas is of particular importance in terms of sustainability, value, resource conservation and biodiversity. The development of climate-resilient open spaces and landscapes requires a fundamental rethinking and visionary action at all planning levels.

The jury
Top-class judges guarantee an adequate assessment of the submitted projects. The jury members for the 2023 competition were appointed by the presidium of the Association of German Landscape Architects (bdla). The jury consisted of:
Dr. Matthias Alexander, Deputy Head of Department Feuilleton FAZ, Frankfurt/Main
Prof. Ute Aufmkolk, Landscape Architect, Die Planergruppe, Essen
Jens Henningsen, Landscape Architect, Henningsen Landschaftsarchitekten, Berlin, bdla Treasurer
Roberto Kaiser, Landscape Architect, silands Gresz Kaiser Landschaftsarchitekten PartG mbB, Ulm
Prof. Stephan Lenzen, landscape architect, RMP Stephan Lenzen Landschaftsarchitekten, Bonn, bdla president
Carla Lo, landscape architect, Carla Lo Landschaftsarchitektur, Vienna
Heiko Patzer, managing director, smb Seilspielgeräte GmbH Berlin in Hoppegarten
Prof. Jonas Reif, University of Applied Sciences Erfurt
Martin Schmied, Head of Department Environmental Planning and Sustainability Strategies, Federal Environmental Agency, Dessau-Roßlau
Martin Schmitz, Landscape Architect, Atelier LOIDL, Berlin

The award ceremony
The award will bepresented at a ceremony on September 15, 2023 in Berlin. The bdla publishes the awarded and nominated works in a competition documentation.

The results of the competition are summarized on and

Sponsors of the competition German Landscape Architecture Award 2023

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