Baden-Württemberg Landscape Architecture Award 2022

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The Association of German Landscape Architects, Landesverband Baden-Württemberg e.V., has offered the Baden-Württemberg Landscape Architecture Award for the first time on 31 May 2021
Thereafter, this prize is to be awarded every 2 years.

Expo Schweiz 2002, bdla-Baden-Württemberg

Expo Schweiz 2002, bdla-Baden-Württemberg

The competition is under the patronage of

  • the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for the Environment, Climate and Energy Management, Minister Thekla Walker, MdL
  • the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for Regional Development and Housing,Minister Nicole Razavi, MdL

The competition is prompted by the rapidly increasing demands that cities and communities in Baden-Württemberg are facing in dealing with the increasingly scarce resource "landscape" as a result of growth and redensification, modern living, working and mobility concepts, and the necessary protection of species and resources in the course of climate change. In this field of work and development, the profession of landscape architects makes important and valuable contributions to a sustainable and future-oriented approach to our landscape.

Further information and the application portal are available now. The deadline for submissions is 16.07.2021, 24.00 hrs.
Directly to the competition

The competition honors creatively designed open spaces and landscapes as well as comparable projects in Baden-Württemberg that are based on a recognizably innovative and sustainable planning approach. In addition, the bdla Baden-Württemberg would like to invite the young generation of planners to participate in this competition in order to promote their professional ideals and visions.

The aim of the competition is to

  • to make the field of work and the expertise of landscape architects known as valuable and trend-setting partners in professional circles and to the interested public,
  • to highlight the special responsibility of landscape architects for the environment, the social, ecological and sustainable quality of open spaces and their integration into urban development,
  • to acknowledge the promotion of building culture and design quality by qualified landscape architects in their cooperation with planners from other disciplines,
  • to award exemplary and innovative solutions
  • to strengthen the courage to experiment and the willingness to practice new forms of cooperation on site,
  • to promote projects of "Young Landscape Architecture".

Eligible are projects that were realized in Baden-Württemberg in the period between 01.01.2015 and the announcement of the award.
A maximum of five projects can be submitted and a maximum of one project per category. The submission of student research projects, bachelor and master theses is excluded.

In addition to the Baden-Württemberg Landscape Architecture Award 2022 (main prize), awards will also be presented in the following categories:

  • Sustainability in urban development / Green infrastructure projects.
  • Landscape architecture in rural areas
  • Landscape architecture in existing buildings / in the field of monument protection
  • Design of the living and working environment
  • Landscape architecture in the field of pedagogy and education
  • Landscape architecture in the field of tourism, leisure, play and sports
  • Landscape planning, landscape development and environmental planning
  • Use of plants / greening of buildings

Eligible to participate are

  • Landscape architects from Germany and abroad,
  • persons with a degree in landscape architecture (open space and landscape planning),
  • members of other disciplines, provided they are members of the bdla, and
  • working groups with the participation of the aforementioned.

Clients are invited to submit projects together with eligible participants.

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