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On June 23, 2023, the landscape architects of Baden-Württemberg met for the general meeting of the bdla Landesverband Baden-Württemberg e.V. in the context of the garden show Balingen 2023 in the town hall. In addition to the association formalities required by the statutes and the discussion of professional topics, the elections to the board were held.

Urs Müller-Meßner, freelance landscape architect bdla and owner of Kienleplan GmbH, Landschaft Städtebau Planung und Gutachten, Leinfelden-Echterdingen, was confirmed as chairman for the second term of office and Ruth Kjer, landscape architect bdla, employee of GÖG - Gruppe für ökologische Gutachten GmbH, Stuttgart, was newly elected as deputy chairman. The executive committee is happy and for the professional work very content that it succeeded to be able to cover and represent apart from the free space planning further also the range of the environmental and landscape planning personnel in the executive committee of the national federation technically. Ralph Wölffing-Seelig as treasurer in the board with financial competence ensures the implementation and the success of the professional work.

v.l.n.r.: Urs Müller Meßner, Ruth Kjer, Ralph Wölffing-Seelig © Ulrike Luz

v.l.n.r.: Urs Müller Meßner, Ruth Kjer, Ralph Wölffing-Seelig © Ulrike Luz

Since 2015, Ruth Kjer has been contributing her experience to the office of GÖG - Gruppe für ökologische Gutachten GmbH, Stuttgart, in the support of projects in connection with urban land use planning, infrastructure projects and grid expansion. In the interdisciplinary office, she is the head of the approval planning division, she develops this division methodically and trains colleagues.

In the future, she would like to support the board of bdla Baden-Württemberg in the area of landscape planning. The pressing and challenging issues of the time require more than ever the views and professional expertise of landscape planners in politics and society, so she sees it as her task to continue and further expand the diverse cooperation that the bdla maintains here in Baden-Württemberg to the most diverse institutions.

She succeeds Bernadette Siemensmeyer almost seamlessly, who handed over the office after three terms of office in accordance with the statutes. Bernadette Siemensmeyer, partner in the office 365°, Überlingen, was elected to the board in March 2010 at the general meeting in Villingen-Schwenningen, initially as an assessor for the area of landscape planning. In March 2014 followed in Schwäbisch-Gmünd the election as deputy chairman of Michael Hink. Then engaged in the team with Urs Müller-Meßner from 2020, she has always supervised the extensive focus on landscape and environmental planning as well as the numerous cooperations at the level of the Ministry for the Environment, Climate and Energy Management, the Academy for the Environment, the Association for Urban, Regional and State Planning SRL and other environmental associations. In this context, she has developed numerous training events for the bdla BW and most recently conceived the very successful and annually held conference format Landscape Planning.

The thanks of the board for the many years of honorary and professional support was presented with a summer bouquet and a surprise envelope.

For the rows of the Beisitzerinnen and Beisitzer, which are appointed by the executive committee, as soon as possible reinforcement is looked for.
In 2022 appointed Birke Hörner, free landscape architect H H Birke Hörner, Ludwigsburg, will take over the Fachsprecherinnen post and will fill the topic new generation promotion in the future.
The past Beisitzer:innen Michael Hink, office Hink landscape architecture GmbH, Schwaigern, Susanna Hirzler, werkbüro free space landscape, Tübingen, specialized speaker BW in the bdla working group public work, as well as Christiane Meßner, Stuttgart, Landschaftsarchitektin bdla and specialized speaker BW in the bdla working group plant use, are further active.

Finally, special thanks are due to the many bdla members in the state who are active on a voluntary basis and who regularly contribute their experience from their professional activities as landscape architects and their personal expertise to the committees of the bdla, the AKBW, the ministries and to cooperations with other associations and institutions.

Further information on the active board can be found below in the press release and the overview.

After the numerous information to current occupation-representative topics of the bdla federal and national federation, to the planned activities and advanced training meetings as well as the numerous co-operation, to the new generation promotion and the report of the junior speaker:inside the afternoon was rounded off with a work report to the horticultural show Balingen 2023 of Kerstin Winandi, landscape architect with Planstatt Senner, Überlingen, and the following area guidance with Johann Senner, Planstatt Senner, Überlingen as well as Annette Stiehle, technical management, and Annette Stoll-Zeitler, line exhibition and enterprise, both horticultural show Balingen 2023.

Impressions of the final garden show tour will be available here shortly.

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