Advanced training seminar "UPDATE - Stormwater Management" on 25.11.2022 in Berlin

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Today, no project can get by without stormwater management. The calculation of infiltration systems has become routine, and the verification of flooding poses major challenges for many a construction project in densely built-up urban areas.

However, climatic conditions are changing faster than expected. The relevance of rainwater management and climate adaptation strategies thus continues to increase. With this conference, we want to determine the current status as well as discuss future fields of action with different focal points.

In view of changing climatic conditions, which rainfall amounts can be expected in the future and how do we have to react to them? What changes are anchored in the updated DWA-A 138 and what are the possibilities and requirements for the use of plants - on green roofs or in planted swales? We want to explore these questions in the seminar and discuss the current status in practice and research with experts.

Finally, there will be an opportunity to test and understand the calculation of infiltration systems and the flood proof by means of a practical example.


Alwin-Brandes-Saal of the IG-Metall-Haus
(Chamber of Architects)
Alte Jakobstraße 149
10969 Berlin

The advanced training is recognized by the Chamber of Architects with 4 teaching units.

Registration is no longer possible.

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