Hamburger Grüntöne and Malenter Runde on 9 November 2018

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The bdla invites you again: this year for the first time "Malenter Runde meets Hamburger Grüntöne" 2018! On Friday, 9 November 2018, the topic will be "Urban development between biotope networks and competition for land".

Just like the topic of this year's training event, the cooperation between the two regional associations of Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg is also transnational. Two traditional event formats are making "common cause".

Urban development does not stop at political borders, but is constantly growing beyond them. In our daily planning practice, not only in the metropolitan region of Hamburg, we experience the consequences: increasing demand for land, especially for housing, commerce and transport, as well as compensatory areas, competing claims for use, scarcity of land, exploding land prices, isolated compensatory solutions, ecology and economy in constant competition.

As a first step, we want to question which higher-level planning instruments control urban development and how these specialist plans serve to balance interests. To this end, both the Hamburg and the Schleswig-Holstein authorities will have their say.

Compensation strategies and biotope network concepts implement the landscape planning aspects and promote appropriate planning results and acceptance, especially in the densely populated area.

After the lunch break we get outside (against the soup coma) an impression of the landspreading protection area Höltigbaum, before we inform on the basis an example of an intercommunal urban land use planning about new planning approaches.

At the Landscape Architecture Evening, we will conclude the exchange of opinions and experiences, and as a supplement to the intellectual nourishment, the physical well-being should not be neglected.

After decades of tradition in Malente, the nucleus of the Malenter Runde, we also dare something new with regard to the venue: we are in the nature reserve Höltigbaum in the House of Wild Willows, in the border area Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein, where nature conservation/biotope network and area competition can be directly experienced.

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