Construction Implementation in the Practice of Landscape Architecture: Part 2 on November 30, 2019.

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Subject: Acceptance and liability for defects in planting services

Date: Saturday, November 30, 2019

Time: 9.30 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.

Venue: Hamburg Chamber of Architects, Grindelhof 40, 20146 Hamburg.

This seminar is part of the seminar series Construction Implementation in the Practice of Landscape Architecture and deals with a practice-oriented approach to the technical and legal specifics of acceptance and claims for defects in planting services. In the case of acceptance and warranty, the regulations of DIN 18916 for planting work repeatedly present those involved in construction with considerable practical and legal problems. Based on the actual chronological sequence of planting on the construction site - delivery - execution - acceptance - warranty - typical problems are discussed in each case.

  • Measures and controls for plant delivery
  • Acceptance of planting services, also in connection with hard construction services
  • System of the defect right with the VOB / BGB building contract
  • Object and delimitation of completion, development and maintenance care
  • Notes on the new building law reform
  • Information on the latest construction law case law

Following the seminar, participants will be familiar with the special features of liability for defects, acceptance and warranty for planting services in accordance with DIN 18916 from both a technical and a legal point of view. At the same time, the seminar refreshes the knowledge of the VOB/B and presents the innovations of the construction law reform as well as construction case law on this topic.

Expert speakers:

Dipl.-Ing. Uwe Fischer (landscape architect bdla and town planner, Wankner and Fischer GbR landscape architects and town planners, Eching/Günzenhausen)

Arndt Kresin (specialist lawyer for building and architectural law, Master of Business Administration, Munich)

Members bdla: 190 €
Guests: 240 €
Reduced: 90 €

Registration only via the Hamburg Chamber of Architects (contact details of the Training Academy: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Tel. 040 441841-20, Fax 040 441841-44)

The seminar series Construction Implementation in the Practice of Landscape Architecture comprises the following parts, which we will offer you in semi-annual sequence from 2019 to 2021:

Part 1: Introduction to Object Supervision (1-2019)
Part 2: Acceptance and Liability for Defects in Planting Services (2-2019)
Part 3: Interface Problems, Obstructions and Concerns (1-2020)
Part 4: Dates and Deadlines (2-2020)
Part 5: Invoice and Supplementary Audit (1-2021)

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