Construction site tour in Hamburg on July 24, 2023

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The bdla Hamburg invites you to a site visit of the project "Am Strandkai, HafenCity" by WES LandschaftsArchitektur.

Foto: WES LandschaftsArchitektur GmbH

Foto: WES LandschaftsArchitektur GmbH

The bdla Landesverband Hamburg e.V. revives an old tradition and invites to the first construction site tour 2023 in the HafenCity Hamburg. Barbara Schwöppe from HafenCity Hamburg GmbH, Claus Rödding and Frank Fischer from the office WES LandschaftsArchitektur and Klas von Toll from DC Development (requested) will lead a tour of the project currently under construction "Am Strandkai", which includes public promenades and waterfront squares as well as private residential courtyards in equal measure. Much of the specialized subject matter of landscape architecture in urban spaces is covered here in terms of planning and construction, from tree plantings to quay wall cantilevers, amenity areas with fantastic scenery, and two-level drainage on underground parking decks.

For the construction site tour, sturdy shoes, construction site safety helmet as well as high-visibility vest are to be worn.


07/24/2023, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Registration by July 21, 2023 at:

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