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Competition Landesgartenschau Kamp-Lintfort decided

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The bdla nw congratulates Ulrike Böhm, our esteemed colleague and spokesperson for urban planning and open space planning, on her 1st place. On 26 January 2017, after 2 days of deliberation, the decision on the landscape planning competition for the State Horticultural Show 2020 in Kamp-Lintfort was made.

A total of 15 designs were received. The winning office, bbzl . böhm benfer zahiri. landschaften städtebau. from Berlin, was chosen unanimously.

"The central idea of this concept develops from the structure of the Goorley that shapes the city: thus green loggias are created on the Wandelweg and a green spine of tree-lined areas to the east of the railway line, and the many different display areas are very well intermeshed with the park and meadow space," said the jury, which consisted of landscape architects, urban planners, representatives of the Landesgartenschau GmbH and the city of Kamp-Lintfort.

Yesterday, the Cologne landscape architect Matthias Lill, as spokesman for the jury, emphasised three points that were particularly successful in the winning design: the barrier-free transition between the old housing estate and the "Central Park", which is being created on the old colliery site; the subtle handling of the landscaping structure that RAG will heap up; the planning for the surroundings of the winding tower, which will be retained and become the focal point of a generously designed town square for the residential quarter following the State Garden Show. The landscape structure - a dump for contaminated mine material - will be eight to nine metres high and laid out in terraces.

The jury also liked the implementation of the "Green Fab Lab". This is an experimental field on nature and environmental topics for students of the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences. The site will be available to the university on a permanent basis. And the BBZL ideas for the grounds at Kamp Monastery were also convincing: the Berliners want to quote the austere historical gardens in a modern way in the Paradise Garden between the Terrace Garden and the Old Garden. Green urban loggias" with their own attractions will be created along the Wandelweg between the monastery and the colliery site.

Demolition work on the colliery site has already begun. From the middle of 2018, the implementation of the competition result is to begin. The level of investment was put at over 30 million euros by Martin Notthoff, alderman and managing director of the State Garden Show.

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