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Personnel changes in AK NW committees

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Due to the retirement of Ernst Herbstreit, Fr. Landscape Architect BDLA, Bochum, from the Chamber of Architects NW, there will be changes until the next Representative Assembly of the AK NW in Düsseldorf in October 2017.

At the general meeting of the bdla nw, Matthias Lill, 1st chairman of the regional group, thanked Ernst Herbstreit for his decades of voluntary commitment to the Chamber of Architects.

Ernst Herbstreit will remain a senior member of the bdla. In the Chamber of Architects the following changes result from his retirement:

The provisional chairmanship of the committee "Landscape Architects" will be taken over by the previous 1st deputy chairman Norbert Hellmann, Fr. landscape architect BDLA AK NW from Nümbrecht, until the final election within the framework of the representatives' meeting. Karl-Heinz Danielzik, Fr. Landscape Architect BDLA AK NW from Duisburg is formally appointed to the committee of the AK NW as a guest until the election within the framework of the next representatives' meeting. According to the last BDLA election list, Jutta Jankowski, landscape architect BDLA AK NW from Dortmund, will be appointed as a successor to the "Landscape Architects" committee. Friedhelm Terfrüchte, landscape architect BDLA AK NW, who has already been a member of this committee, is running for the 1st deputy chairmanship of the "Landscape Architects" committee at the representatives' meeting.

Thus, until the representative assembly of the AK NW in October 2017 (and after the elections beyond), the continuous work of the BDLA colleagues in the committees of the AK NW is guaranteed.

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