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Garden Worlds 2017 - European Green Capital Essen - LandschaftsarchitektTour West

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This year, the Garden Worlds event series of the North Rhine-Westphalia regional group will focus on "European Green Capital - Essen". The focus is on parks and open spaces in the region that are of particular importance for the city's green and blue infrastructure.

LandschaftsarchitektTour West (15 km - duration approx. 4 hrs.)
Sat. 5 August 2017, 2 p.m.
Meeting point: Essen main station, Am Hauptbahnhof - Südausgang, 45127 Essen (at the taxi rank / bicycle rental).

Attention: In case of continuous rain the event will not take place!

The bike tour leads along the RS1 to new attractive open spaces and starts at Essen main station. First stop is the new university park "Neue Mitte Essen" (office Scape landscape architects). The route continues over the new cycle/pedestrian bridge on Segerothstraße (Halfmann Architekten Cologne) to the Krupp headquarters and the Krupp Park with the new Krupp Lake (LAND Germany GmbH, Duisburg).
The cycle path then takes us further west and we visit the rebuilt and renovated bridge structures with their inserted stairways and ramp structures (Büro Danielzik und Leuchter, Duisburg).

The next stop is the Niederfeldsee project (landscape architect Helmut Fox, Mülheim an der Ruhr). The end of the tour leads, if really completed by then, on the Highline (office wbp landscape architects, Bochum) to the city balcony at the Rathausmarkt and further to the bicycle lift in front of the Ruhr bridge. The tour ends at the Ruhrpromenade in the Hafenbar (800 m from Mülheim main station, from there with the S1 and the S3 in 10 minutes back to Essen main station).

Participation in the bike tour is free of charge. Everyone is responsible for their own food and drinks and snacks will be available at many of the stops. A bicycle is required for the tour. Those who do not arrive with their own bike can rent bikes at the bike station Essen. In this case, a reservation is advisable. Further information on bike rental at: zweirad-service/radstationen-verleih/

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