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New date on 26 August - European Green Capital Essen - Landscape Architects Tour North

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This year, the Garden Worlds event series of the North Rhine-Westphalia regional group will focus on "European Green Capital - Essen". The focus is on parks and open spaces in the region that are of particular importance for the city's green and blue infrastructure.

LandschaftsarchitektTour Nord (35 km - duration approx. 5 hrs.)
Sat. 26 August 2017, 12 noon
Meeting point: Bottrop main station, Am Hauptbahnhof, 46242 Bottrop (at the cycle station)
Attention: In case of continuous rain the event will not take place!

First stop is the Bernepark (office DTP Essen). As part of Emscherkunst 2010, BernePark was given a new lease of life with its transformation into an open park. International artists of distinction assigned new tasks to the two clarifiers.

The route continues through the Berne valley to the Zollverein colliery (Planerpruppe Oberhausen). Emphasis on the architectural ensemble, restraint in the landscape architecture, reduction of elements and materials, respect for the existing, and the preservation of the industrial origin characterize the Zollverein Park. Emscherinsel and Emscherumumbau are the next exciting project on our route (Emschergenossenschaft and RVR, Essen). As part of the Ruhr.2010 Capital of Culture, the Emscher Island was also developed into one of the lead projects. For this purpose, a continuous 70 km long island path was created, which incorporates the existing cycle and hiking paths. The last stop is the Nordsternpark (formerly Büro Martin und Pridik, today Freese Landschaftsarchitektur, Dorsten). After the Nordstern colliery was closed down in 1993, the site was completely renovated and transformed into a landscape park. In 1997 the Federal Garden Show took place in the park.

The park is part of the European Garden Heritage Network and the Route der Industriekultur. The route then takes you along the Rhine-Herne Canal back to Bottrop Central Station.

Participation in the bike tours is free of charge. Everyone is responsible for their own food and drinks and snacks are available at many of the stops. A bicycle is required for the tours. Those who do not arrive with their own bike can rent bikes at the bike station Bottrop. In this case it makes sense to make a reservation. Further information on bike hire at:

LandschaftsarchitekTour Nord

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