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Happy New Year!

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"The representation of the interests of all landscape architects rests on a few shoulders and the "owners" of these shoulders are - like their work - unknown to many. We also want to work towards making the high achievers more visible in 2018! A Happy New Year!", Ina Bimberg, Chairwoman of the regional group nw.

As part of its closed-door meeting in Wuppertal, the state group board of bdla nw took stock of its complex "fields of deployment and activity". The facts are impressive: Fifteen board members are active in ten NRW design advisory boards, as competition advisors in all NRW administrative districts, on the board, the committees and the representative assembly of the AKNW, in the working groups of the federal association, in working committees of the Forschungsgesellschaft Straßen und Verkehrswesen (Research Society for Roads and Transport), in working committees for standardisation and fee regulations, in specialist advisory boards of trade fairs and garden shows, as members of the boards of trustees of various foundations and the state initiative StadtbauKultur NW.

The fields of activity of the bdla are widely spread and thanks to the commitment of some the degree of effectiveness is enormously high. Because however too few know that, one must speak again and again about it.

The regional association and the landscape architects in general are a numerically small group compared with the structural engineering architects. Nevertheless all occupation-political tasks are to be worked on qualified naturally. The bdla as the strongest group of the landscape architects in the AK NW is represented in most committees and working committees. "Thereby, especially the members of the extended board, but also other committed colleagues perform true Herculean tasks for the entire profession!", emphasizes Bimberg. Some fill more than ten honorary offices at the same time.

In particular, the often lengthy work in expert advisory boards and working groups on standards, building and planning law, fee regulations or environmental policy issues, training or award regulations is anything but "sexy" and usually takes place "in silence".

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