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General meeting in Lünen - elections, honours and discussions

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On 15 March 2018 about 30 members and guests came to the 1st general meeting in the Haus der Kleingärtner in Lünen at the invitation of the bdla nw. As a guest Ina Bimberg, 1st chairwoman of the regional group, could welcome Ingeborg Paland, federal manager of the bdla federation. Michaal Mönig and Wolfgang Mueller were honoured for 50 years of membership in the bdla. A new face on the board is Prof. Rainer Sachse, who was also elected to the new position of spokesperson for universities.

Markus Dalhaus (Treasurer), Christian Jürgensmann (2nd Chairman Rhineland) and Norbert Kloeters (Chairman Admissions Committee) were confirmed in their positions and unanimously re-elected. The spokesmen and spokeswomen (Norbert Hellmann - environmental and landscape planning, Manfred Quebe - further education and training, Jutta Sankowski - public relations, Markus Illgas - sports facility planning, Ehm-Eike Ehrig - garden monument preservation, Christian Jürgensmann - competition, Christel Wolf - open space planning, Brigitte Röde - garden art and garden culture) were also confirmed in their offices.

Rainer Sachse was newly elected into office, who will be the contact person for all questions concerning universities and will represent the nw regional group in the federal working group on education. Matthias Lill becomes again in the executive committee as a speaker national horticultural shows active. The next task will be to visit the state horticultural show in 2023. Karl-Heinz Danielzik is now the spokesman for the Chamber of Architects (formerly the Chamber of Commerce), which ensures an optimal connection to the Board of Directors in the Chamber of Architects.

Cash report and budget draft were approved and the topics of the advisory board meeting were discussed. Further information can be found in the protected member area.

In her keynote speech, Ingeborg Paland, Federal Managing Director, gave an insight into the activities at federal level. The main focus of the activities of the presidium and the federal office is and remains the development of new fields of activity for the offices. For example, 12,000 copies of the flyer "Environmental Monitoring" were distributed. The topic of water law expert contributions is also a focal point in 2018, with an event taking place in Frankfurt on 22/23 June. In terms of content, the topic of "Green Infrastructure" continues to be important. Here, the bdla has successfully anchored a topic also in politics and administration. In the meantime, the topic of green infrastructure has found its way into various funding programmes.

Political work also takes up a lot of space. This includes in particular inaugural visits to ministries and the professional exchange with the ministries. Particular mention should be made here of the work on the Green Paper and the White Paper "Green in the City". The "Green in the City" funding pot was replenished with 50 million euros. Intensive cooperation and persuasion work will also be carried out with the new government. In the future, the association will focus more on rural areas. With the currently pending relaunch, the association will present itself externally and internally in an innovative and future-oriented way.

At the closed meeting of the federation, one of the main topics was the acquisition of members, which will also take place in the future via personal contact and high-profile events. Topic was also the load/load limit of the honorary office and co-operation between federation and national groups. For this the questionnaire action had been started (see also TOP 8). Finally, Mrs. Paland pointed out various events of the federal association in 2018 / 2019.

With delicious soup, good wine and collegial exchange the evening ended.

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