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Networking at the 4th Forum Garden Planning

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On the occasion of the fourth Forum Gartenplanung on 12 April, 8 planners from NRW and a guest colleague from Munich came together to discuss current topics.

In addition to current developments and the topic of "participation in competitions", this time the main focus was on a collegial exchange about the use of materials in private gardens.

In a lively discussion, a wide variety of natural stones, ceramic coverings, wood and wood-like materials as well as paths in unbound construction methods were discussed, advantages and disadvantages were debated and together it was considered how to discuss and document the choice of materials with the customer so that there are no problems in the further construction process.

After lunch, the sun came out and let the daffodils shine in the most beautiful light during the tour of the park. Here Noel Besgen presented his concept for the new theme garden, which is to complement the existing gardens this year. The idea of showing 6 different examples of front gardens convinced all colleagues and also Thomas Hellingrath, authorized signatory of the Gartenschaupark Zülpich.

At the end of the day there was the opportunity to talk to Mr. Heiko Schache, Oscorna, about the topic of soil structure and fertilization for functioning lawns and about his experiences in the use of soil active substances.

The next forum is planned for October/November 2018 and will take place in Schloss Dyck. The main topic will then be communication with private building owners. For this purpose, an external management consultant is to be recruited in order to shed light on this complex and often decisive topic in everyday life.

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