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City of Höxter organizes State Garden Show 2023

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The city of Höxter will host the State Garden Show 2023.

"The concept has convinced us. With the State Horticultural Show 2023, the city of Höxter wants to improve the quality of life in the city, enhance the ecological focal points of the urban environment and also become better known in terms of tourism and the economy. We congratulate warmly! I am sure that with the planned urban and horticultural changes we will experience an attractive State Horticultural Show 2023," said Agriculture Minister Christina Schulze Föcking.

"The State Garden Show 2023 in Höxter offers the opportunity to present the World Cultural Heritage Corvey in a unique setting as the historical-cultural heritage of our homeland. The city, the state and the state government are ensuring that urban development can take a big step forward," said Construction and Home Affairs Minister Ina Scharrenbach.

Among other things, Höxter is planning measures to improve the Weser access to the town centre and to upgrade the Wall facilities with a play area and meeting place for generations. There are also plans to link the old town of Höxter to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Corvey along the Weser. "The State Garden Show in Höxter can be the starting point for further urban and tourist development of Höxter and Corvey. The concept has potential for success: the combination of historic old town and World Heritage Site represents an exciting unique selling point," said Minister Schulze Föcking.

Garden shows have been held in North Rhine-Westphalia since 1984 and have become an important instrument of sustainable urban development. The next State Garden Show will be held in 2020 in Kamp-Lintfort in the district of Wesel.

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