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Meeting of the FLL member associations

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33 professional and trade associations are members of the FLL. For these associations and beyond that for the entire green industry, the FLL assumes tasks as a provider of rules and regulations and discussion forum. The bdla is represented by our member Markus Illgas, spokesman for construction technology and standards at the federal level and spokesman for sports facilities at the state level.

For the above-mentioned core tasks, the FLL is well positioned and highly recognized throughout the professional environment. This was confirmed by the participating professional and technical associations at their meeting on 28.6.2018 and they took note of the report of the management on the new publications and diverse activities of the FLL with great approval.

Thus, this year, publications have already been published or are about to be published
- the revision of the guidelines for green facades;
- the revision of the guidelines for green roofs;
- the revision of the model construction contracts;
- the completely new standards for cemetery development planning;
- the revision of the guidelines for green pavements
(about to be published).

Other publications are currently in the appeals process as so-called yellow prints and are about to be published. The FLL regularly publishes current information, also on the inclusion of new activities in committees, on its homepage or via its newsletter.
In the field of Building Information Modeling(BIM) the FLL member associations would like the FLL to take over a coordinating, bundling function, to bring together different existing committees and that different interests from economy, planning, EDP can be taken into account. The proposal to organise an annual status quo event with a conference volume met with broad approval.
The wish was even expressed that the FLL should work more intensively on the entire topic of digitalisation (recommendations, apps, etc.). The new FLL President Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kias promised that the Executive Board will discuss this at the next opportunity.
Prof. Dr. Hagen Eyink, head of the department, reported in detail on the state of affairs regarding the implementation of the White Paper on Urban Greening. Responsibility for urban development - and thus also for the White Paper on Urban Green Spaces - was transferred to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Building and the Home Affairs (BMI) in an organisational decree issued by the Federal Chancellor on 14 March 2018. The Urban Green White Paper will be implemented without changes, Eyink said.
In 2017, the federal states drew down almost all of the funds for the new "Future Urban Green" urban development programme, amounting to 50 million euros. A constant dialogue and exchange on the topic of "urban green" is important for all stakeholders. For this reason, the Federal Government will initiate a dialogue forum in cooperation with associations and societies, which will meet once a year to exchange views. The first meeting is expected to take place at the end of 2018. All representatives of the associations jointly compiled an overview of the activities that have already been initiated or implemented in the White Paper process, as well as those where there is an acute need for action and opportunities for implementation. In terms of political lobbying, the professional associations see it as their duty to adopt a joint strategic approach and to proceed together.
Other important aspects of the discussions were federal garden shows with their lasting significance for municipal developments, the integration of rural structures in overall considerations, as well as the networking of inner-city green corridors with the surrounding countryside and the planned federal competition "Green in Urban Development".
Overall, the associations' meeting was again used as an important platform for exchanging information and coordinating strategic considerations. From the point of view of the professional associations, it offers the opportunity to further strengthen political strategic considerations and approaches from a professional point of view.

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