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The IGS 2027 in the Ruhr metropolitan region receives support from the state of Baden-Württemberg

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The Ministry for the Environment, Agriculture, Nature Conservation and Consumer Protection and the Ministry for Home Affairs, Municipal Affairs, Building and Equality announced: The implementation of an International Garden Exhibition (IGA) 2027 in the Ruhr metropolitan region will be supported and accompanied by the state in principle - this was decided by the cabinet today. The Regionalverband Ruhr (RVR) and its member municipalities have successfully applied to host the International Garden Exhibition 2027.

In order to discuss open questions, Environment and Agriculture Minister Ursula Heinen-Esser and Ina Scharrenbach, Minister for Home Affairs, Local Government, Building and Equality, exchanged views last week with Jochen Sandner, Managing Director of the German Federal Garden Show Society.

"We stand by the International Garden Exhibition in the Ruhr Metropolitan Region. The Cabinet today agreed that the implementation of the IGA will in principle be supported and accompanied within the framework of existing state, federal and EU programmes as well as guidelines and available budget funds. However, in view of the high level of funding required and the current lack of clarification on financing issues, further talks are still required with the Ruhr Regional Association and the participating municipalities," emphasised Scharrenbach and Heinen-Esser.

Together, the two ministers invited the mayors, mayors and district councillors from the region as well as the Emschergenossenschaft and the RVR to an exchange to discuss the current state of affairs and the further steps towards an International Garden Exhibition 2027 in the Ruhr region.

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