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Review 2nd Meeting: Networking and future issues in landscape architecture

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On Wednesday, 22.08.2018 in Dortmund, the 2nd meeting with colleagues took place for the purpose of general and professional exchange of experience.The establishment of this regular round of talks goes back to an initiative of our colleague Andreas Hermanns from Schwalmtal.

Norbert Hellmann in his function as spokesman for environmental and landscape planning in the BDLA NRW agreed to take over the organisation of these discussion rounds.

The following topics were discussed in a relaxed, informal and collegial atmosphere:

- bird protection on glass, requirements of the lower nature conservation authorities for avoidance measures; references to publications on the subject of

- BMU/BMVI initiative or "Blue Ribbon" funding programme, areas of responsibility for landscape architects; references to publications on the subject of

- what do we learn from the drought this summer? Climate-friendly orientation of green, open space and landscape planning; it is discussed whether the BDLA NW should now position itself on this in a press release or similar; this is considered appropriate also with regard to the field of activity for landscape architects in this area.

- "Layering of compensation" under trees; how are e.g. underplantings or the vegetation-technical design under planned tree locations assessed and balanced in the context of the impact regulation? In this context, the partly very different handling of the impact compensation balancing in the districts at the UNBs was also discussed; inclusion of other protected goods in the balancing, such as e.g. soil etc.; competitive disadvantages for impact compensation associations in the context of the impact regulation?Competitive disadvantages for those responsible for intervention in the case of different intervention compensation balancing and compensation levels in border regions, e.g. NRW-Lower Saxony in the case of gravel extraction

- "petrification of gardens", trends in garden design and their effects on the environment (biodiversity, infiltration, etc.), Ortsbild, Baukultur); references to publications on the topic

- BIM and landscape planning, status of application, event information

"Another round of talks for collegial exchange and also getting to know colleagues is envisaged for the beginning of 2019. The invitation to this will be available in good time on the homepage of the BDLA regional group NRW", says Norbert Hellmann, specialist spokesman for environmental and landscape planning bdla nw and organiser of the meeting.

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