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SommerTreff - The beauty of the Revier parks

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Ina Bimberg, 1st chairwoman of the North Rhine-Westphalia regional group, welcomed around 30 guests to this year's summer get-together in the Gysenberg and Nienhausen district parks in fine weather.

The demands on the "park of the future" have become more complex in times of climate change and a changing society. The Revierparks thus have a key cultural and socio-political role to play. The buildings of post-war modernism are just coming into the public eye, and the open spaces created at the same time should be included in the discussions on an equal footing. "We are therefore very pleased that we can also celebrate the awarding of the "Big Beautiful Building Award" to the Revierparks as part of today's SommerTreff," said Bimberg.

Thomas Dietrich, Planergruppe Oberhausen, gave a brief introduction to the topic. The Oberhausen planner group had worked on the integrated action concept entitled "Future and Home - Revierpark 2020" on behalf of the Ruhr Regional Association (RVR). In 2017, the RVR successfully applied for the state competition "Green Infrastructure NRW" with this integrated action concept and received a funding recommendation from the state.

The total investment promised by the EU and the state of NRW for the renewal of the Revierparks amounts to almost 28.6 million euros. The RVR then drew up an implementation concept to modernise and sustainably change the five Revierparks in the Metropole Ruhr. The district governments of Arnsberg, Düsseldorf and Münster approved this implementation concept in spring 2018. On this basis, the planning of the individual measures will be further qualified and a corresponding funding application will be submitted by the end of September 2018.

Each park will have its own profile in the future. In the Gysenbergpark in Herne, everything is under the theme "Nature and Tivoli". At Mattlerbusch in Duisburg, it's "A Day's Holiday". Revierpark Nienhausen in Essen/Gelsenkirchen is developing into a "Park Laboratory" and Vonderort in Oberhausen/Bottrop is becoming a "Park in Motion". In Dortmund, Wischlingen is dedicated to the theme "Experience the park - learn about nature".

In all parks, the entrance areas are being made more attractive, paths upgraded or reconstructed and barrier-free paths created. Energy-efficient lighting and uniform signage are planned. Existing sports and play areas will be given a more contemporary orientation and new ones will be created. Species-rich plantings will replace monotonous beds and areas, providing new habitats for wildlife. Cycle path connections are to better link the district parks to the regional cycle path network. The aim is to be able to cycle from park to park.

During the tour with Jasmin Utku, it quickly became clear why the theme "Tivoli" was chosen for the Revierpark Gysenberg. The small "amusement park" with original rides from the 70s left a lasting impression on the participants.

In Nienhausen, Franz Dümenil, park manager of Gesundheitspark Nienhausen - Freizeitgesellschaft Metropole Ruhr mbH, welcomed the group. Horst Fischer, Head of Department 11 of the RVR, expressed his delight that the Revierparks were being honoured today. Even during his studies, he said, the Revierparks had been discussed as examples of outstanding importance in landscape architecture. With the funding now in the pipeline, he said, this shining radiance could be further developed.

Tim Rieniets, managing director of StadtBauKultur NRW, thanked the bdla for the initiative to also focus on open space as part of the "Big beautiful buildings" campaign. He then presented Horst Fischer and Franz Dümenil with the Big Beautiful Building award on behalf of all the district parks.

This was followed by a joint, informative walk through Revierpark Nienhausen.

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