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bdla nw at the company contact fair of the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences

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On 9 November, the two regional associations of Lower Saxony/Bremen and North Rhine-Westphalia were represented with a joint stand at the company contact fair.

"From the students came again and again the feedback, how good and important they found the appearance of the bdla`s at the fair. We were well accommodated in the foyer, because we were well visible in front of the two rooms with the company stands," said Doris von Dressler, Managing Director of the bdla Lower Saxony / Bremen.

However it was known to the few that one can become a junior member in the bdla also as a student. Here thus still Potenzial is to be recruited with a country widely uniform appearance at all universities for the bdla. Not really well-known was also the fact that not only freelancers can become a member in the bdla, but also employees. An essential point, the good cross-linking in the federation, found all extremely important. The fact that the students can turn with their choice of a job or a practical course always gladly to the appropriate regional association was welcomed by all very much.

The students were also very interested in the competition for young talent organised by the nw regional group. The "Climate Garden at the State Garden Show Kamp-Lintfort 2020" was published at the end of October on the bdla nw state group website at It is a realization competition.

"Overall, the appearance was worthwhile, because we were able to get into conversation with many students, but also with young colleagues and professors, and thus make the bdla a bit better known," also summed up Marcel Wiegard, junior spokesman for the North Rhine-Westphalia state group, who was also at the stand as a contact person.

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