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Enquiries Young Talent Competition Kamp-Lintfort 2020 "Climate Garden

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Dear contest participants,

No written queries had been received by the deadline, so we are only commenting here on the discussions held during the site visit. The competition entry is indeed created on the famous "blank sheet", i.e. apart from the theme, size and costs, there are no specifications in terms of content or space. This seems unusual and perhaps makes it more difficult to get started on a solution approach. The soils are not naturally grown soils. The exact quality and grain size of the gravel material also cannot be precisely defined at this time. The soil is in no way suitable for the cultivation of edible plants. As there is also further compaction/built-in material in the subsoil in some cases, larger woody plants can only be installed with the corresponding effort. However, we are convinced that exciting contributions will result from the topic "climate garden".

A few suggestions may perhaps result from completed competitions, see nachwuchswettbewerb.

We wish you much success!

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