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Under the auspices of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMUB), a "Green Book on Urban Green Spaces" was compiled with an inventory on the topic. For the first time, it summarises the current state of knowledge on urban green space across all ministries.

Urban greenery regulates the temperature, purifies the air and thus has a positive effect on the urban climate and on health. It provides a habitat for flora and fauna and preserves biodiversity in the city. As more and more people want to and will live in our cities, the importance of green infrastructure increases. It enhances the quality of living, promotes leisure, sport and recreation, and can thus strengthen social cohesion and participation.

Trees and shrubs, hedges, flowers and meadows - urban greenery makes our cities more attractive and more liveable. Urban greenery can effectively limit the negative side effects of urbanisation.

The Green Book is intended to initiate an integrated and long-term process and a broad dialogue on the future significance of green and open spaces in our cities.

The bdla was involved in the content of the Green Paper and will intensify its lobbying work in the preparation of a White Paper. In contrast to the Green Paper, which initially takes stock of the current situation, the White Paper develops concrete approaches to action for more "green in the city". The focus is not only on quantitative but also on qualitative improvements.

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