bdla AG Bildungsräume - Statement on the SCHULBAU Fair Dresden

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Statement on the school grounds at the SCHULBAU trade fair 27/28March 2019 in Dresden.

Cubus Medien Verlag/ Uwe Schoßig

Cubus Medien Verlag/ Uwe Schoßig

Within the framework of the school building fair in the Erlweinbau, which was very well attended with over 1000 participants, Sigrid Böttcher-Steeb (photo) and Stefan Leiste from the bdla Saxony made a short statement full of pictures to promote more open space quality at schools. They called for a diverse outdoor space design that is oriented towards the needs of the pupils and for close cooperation between structural engineering and open space planning at an early stage in order to achieve a consistent design and to make the best possible use of the potential of the site - even if outdoor space is limited.

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