Malenter Runde | This year again a great success!

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With the title of this year's Malenter Runde "Move it! Sport and movement in public spaces", the Malenter Runde 2016 hit the bull's eye again. With 65 participants, the event was fully booked.

After the welcome by the 1st chairman Michael Mäurer and the greetings of the new mayor of Bad Malente Tanja Rönck, our long-standing moderator Freddy Terfrüchte once again led through the event in an excellent manner. In the fully booked Uwe Seeler Football Park, the participants were offered a wide range of topics. From the sports scientist Prof. Dr. Flatau, to the sports development planning of Mrs. Slapa, to the financing and promotion of outdoor sports and exercise offers by the MELUR. And further over the noise pollution up to reports of experiences, the Friday offered a perfect tension arch with all important questions to the sport in the free one.

In keeping with the theme and the venue, this year the participants were offered a sporty and creative range of movement in the sports hall as the conclusion to a long day of seminars. For this purpose, the company Playpark provided its "Imagination Playground" play system.

The second day with its lectures was in no way inferior to Friday. Prof. Dr. Axt kicked off the day with a wide range of examples on the subject of "Outdoor fitness equipment: well thought out - often badly made". The skater Ingo Naschold and the wheelchair skater David Lebuser then gave impulses for contemporary movement spaces, as did the parkour skater Pablo Giese as the last lecture. With these three freaks and their breathtaking and very sympathetic impressions from a very special world, the lectures reached the climax of this year's Malenter Runde.

Conclusion: Communication is everything! If we landscape architects are willing to involve other stakeholders in our planning, then we could only gain from each other, from sports science to parkour running.

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