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Young talent competition 2021

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The bdla competition for young designers for the State Garden Show Bad Ganderesheim has been decided.

One or more attractive floating elements were to be designed for one of the Osterberg lakes, which would enrich the State Garden Show with landscape architectural, horticultural and artistic-experimental interpretations.

16 designs were submitted, in which a total of 34 participants took part. Many thanks for this committed participation!

The jury met on 27 August 2021. The jury of the competition, composed of representatives of the city of Bad Gandersheim, the Landesgartenschau, landscape architects of the bdla and the University of Hanover awarded four winning designs and gave recognition.

  • The design "When water meets water" by Dorothee Harms, Teelke Limbeck and Lina Anna Harders-Sistig was recommended for realisation.
  • Second prize went to the works: "Blossom Island" by Wen Chen and "Coexistence" by Jil Braukmann, Frederik Stähling and Emily Reduhn.
  • Fourth prize was awarded to the design "Bathtub Waltz" by Maik Friede and Caitlin Otte.
  • The design "Floating Fields" by Leandra Simon and Inga Wißling received recognition.

The bdla Lower Saxony Bremen and the regional garden show society of the city Bad Gandersheim congratulate the winners of the competition very cordially.

The award ceremony is to take place after start of the national horticultural show on the exhibition area. A timely announcement will be made here.




Dorothee Harms, Teelke Limbeck and Lina Anna Harders-Sistig HS Osnabrück

Realisation design, © Dorothee Harms, Teelke Limbeck and Lina Anna Harders-Sistig

Second place


Wen Chen University of Hanover

© Wen Chen

Second place


Jil Braukmann, Frederik Stähling & Emily Reduhn HS Osnabrück

Jil Braukmann, Frederik Stähling & Emily Reduhn

4th place


Maik Friede & Caitlin Otte TH Ostwestfalen-Lippe

© Maik Friede & Caitlin Otte



Leandra Simon & Inga Wißling TH Ostwestfalen-Lippe

© Leandra Simon & Inga Wißling

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