Working group

Competition issues

Working group

Competition issues

Rüdiger Clausen

Landesgruppe Sachsen

Almut Jirku

Landesgruppe Berlin/Brandenburg

Christian Jürgensmann

Landesgruppe Nordrhein-Westfalen

Prof. Axel Klapka

Landesgruppe Berlin/Brandenburg

Hans-Gerd Kleymann

Landesgruppe Sachsen-Anhalt

Prof. Irene Lohaus

Landesverband Niedersachsen+Bremen

Pit Müller

Landesverband Baden-Württemberg

Klaus-Dieter Neumann

Landesverband Bayern

Steffan Robel

Speaker Competition issues

Martin Schaper

Landesverband Hessen

Andrea Ziegenrücker

Landesgruppe Thüringen



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Strengthening the culture of competition

bdla flyer "Quality and Fairness in Planning Competitions" published

The Association of German Landscape Architects published the flyer "Quality and Fairness in Planning Competitions" at the end of 2020. Planning competitions play a central role as an awarding instrument and as a tool to ensure planning and thus also construction qualities. They are an important building block of building culture.

Nachricht · 02.02.2021

Competition Issues Committee: Guidelines on Quality and Fairness in Competitions

The Competition Issues Committee met in Berlin on 28 August 2020. Finally, it dealt with the guidelines "Quality and Fairness in Planning Competitions", which were developed by a team of authors from bdla Berlin/Brandenburg. They will be published in printed and digital form.

Nachricht · 15.12.2020

Competition working group: Discussing the practice of VgV awards

On 29 October 2019, the Competition Working Group met in Berlin to discuss the practice of VgV awards together with bdla legal counsel Dr. Sebastian Schattenfroh.

Nachricht · 16.12.2019

Competition committee: Against "Planning Competition"

Under the leadership of Andrea Ziegenrücker, bdla spokesperson for competition, the committee of the same name met in Berlin on 12 March 2018.

Nachricht · 15.06.2018

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