14th bdla Economic Forum on February 23, 2024 in Kassel

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The 2024 Business Forum will focus on practical approaches to innovative processes and opportunities in office sharing and new employee collaborations. Representatives from three differently organized planning offices will have their say and provide insights into their approaches.

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Benjamin Domnick, who has taken on this topic in the "Climate-neutral engineering office" working group of the Bavarian Chamber of Civil Engineers, reports on what a climate-neutral planning office can look like and how it can succeed.

bdla legal advisor Dr. Sebastian Schattenfroh will discuss the systematic and legal processing of rescheduling and repeat services as well as fee supplements.

In addition to the presentations, the event places great importance on the exchange of ideas between colleagues. The Economic Forum is an information and discussion forum for all those in planning offices and authorities who think and act economically

Young Landscape Architecture Workshop on February 22, 2024 in Kassel

The day before, young landscape architects will exchange experiences and perspectives on the topic of "Working together" at the 4th Young Landscape Architecture Workshop. Here you can find more information about the Young Landscape Architecture Workshop.


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