Europan E17 competition decided

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Europan is an architectural and urban planning ideas competition that brings European cities together with the next generation of architects, urban planners and open space planners. The Europan E17 competition "Living Cities 2" has now come to an end.

431 participants from 22 countries submitted works at eight German locations (Bad Lobenstein, Berlin, Borkum, Ingolstadt, Kassel, Leipzig, Munich and Regensburg). The international jury awarded 7 first prizes, 8 commendations and 3 honorable mentions. Winning teams came from Spain, Italy, Mexico, Austria and Germany.

PRIZE: INGE. Ingolstadt - sustainable and together. Maria Frölich-Kulik, Atidh Jonas Langbein, Matti Drechsel

The Europan 17 competition was about innovative processes and projects for the reactivation of urbanized spaces. The aim was to develop ideas for neglected, derelict, empty, stigmatized or monofunctionally used areas and buildings in order to transform them back into lively, integrative and mixed urban spaces.

The public award ceremony will take place on February 23, 2024 at the Aedes in Berlin.

The competition results

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