Pixi book on the profession of landscape architects published

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bdla publishes Pixi book "Landscape architect Lena plans a park for all

Planning professions in Pixi format are not entirely new. What is new is the bdla's Pixi booklet entitled "Landscape architect Lena plans a park for all".

© Sandra Kissling (illustration), 2022 Carlsen K - the agency for children's media, Carlsen Verlag GmbH.

On 24 pages measuring only 10 by 10 cm, the profession of landscape architect is presented in a child-friendly and memorable way and illustrated in a comprehensible way. The plot is as simple as it is real: it tells how gray infrastructure becomes green infrastructure, how a sealed parking lot becomes a green park for all generations. And all thanks to the planning services of landscape architects.

Landscape architecture, planning, climate impact adaptation, environmental justice, citizen participation, outdoor play and exercise - all these concepts are brought to younger readers in simple, clear words; the illustrations accompany the words and give free rein to children's imaginations.

© Sandra Kissling (illustration), 2022 Carlsen K - the agency for children's media, Carlsen Verlag GmbH

With its Pixi book, the bdla approaches the younger members of our society and makes concepts such as climate change, intrinsic value and the future understandable to them. We landscape architects present ourselves as a professional group that solves the upcoming ecological and technical tasks in a responsible and creative way. We are shaping the future now!

Prof. Stephan Lenzen
bdla President

With the Pixi booklet the occupation of the Landschaftsarchitekt:innen is introduced to children of the age group four to seven years playfully easily, on the basis scenes from their everyday life. And not only these come with planning/Paner:innen in contact, also (large) parents, brothers and sisters, educators:inside and all those persons, who read aloud, are made in this way with the Profession and their achievements familiar.

The Pixi booklet "Landscape architect Lena plans a park for all" can be obtained free of charge from bdla/Aktuell/Publikationen.

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