Climate adaptation in the BauGB

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Eight bdla recommendations for an appropriate consideration of climate adaptation in urban planning law

The German government has already launched a number of legal initiatives with regard to climate adaptation and climate protection. The recently published draft for a federal climate adaptation law is a step in the right direction.

The Bund Deutscher Landschaftsarchitekt:innen (Association of German Landscape Architects) is now taking the upcoming amendment of the German Building Code as an opportunity to formulate essential elements for climate-adapted urban planning law. The eight recommendations provide concise impetus, as only by anchoring them meaningfully in planning law can the epochal challenges of climate change be adequately implemented in practice.

Concept of public space Bahnstadt Heidelberg. Planning: LATZ PARTNER LandschaftsArchitektur Stadtplanung; Photo: Kristof Lange, LATZ PARTNER, 2020

The professional association therefore recommends to the federal government:
- Strengthening climate concerns through stringent definition of terms,
- Introduction of a property-related green space factor,
- Establishment of orientation values for green-blue infrastructure and natural climate adaptation,
- Establishment of integrated open space development concepts,
- Strengthening of the unsealing requirement and standardization of a deterioration ban,
- Optimization of urban compensation,
- Introduction of the open space design plan as part of a new redevelopment order and
- Supplementation of the redevelopment law and establishment of climate redevelopment areas.

The bdla has already pointed out the important role of urban landscapes in the success of this profound task with its "20 Recommendations for a Consistent Climate Adaptation Policy with a Focus on Urban Landscapes" published in October 2022. The eight recommendations are a further concretization of this and are intended to offer policy-makers concrete solutions from the perspective of landscape architecture as to what a climate-adapted urban planning law could look like.

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