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Baden-Württemberg Landscape Architecture Prize 2024 awarded!

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The competition for the Baden-Württemberg Landscape Architecture Prize 2024 has been decided.

On the evening of April 16, 2024, in the presence of patron Nicole Razavi MdL, Minister for State Development and Housing of the State of Baden-Württemberg, the awards were presented in the second year of the competition for the Baden-Württemberg Landscape Architecture Prize at the Hospitalhof Stuttgart.

This event, to which the awarding authority, cooperation partners and sponsors welcomed around 200 guests, was the highlight of the event and the crowning finale of this year's competition.
From 6.30 pm, the first prize, the special prize for "Sustainability and climate adaptation in urban areas", the audience prize and four awards in categories were presented.

© Marc Schneider

© Marc Schneider

The evening event was hosted by Dr. Wolfgang Niess, historian, author and presenter. Ruth Kjer and Ralph Wölffing-Seelig, both board members of bdla Baden-Württemberg e. V., as well as the patron, Nicole Razavi MdL, welcomed the guests on behalf of the organizer.

The Soul and Jazz Diamonds feat. Eva Letizia Padilla (vocals), Thilo Wagner (piano), Jean-Philippe Wadle (double bass) and Obi Jenne (drums) took over the musical framework with "soul classics in a jazzy guise" and conjured up a very lively atmosphere in between with the titles "All of me", "Sunny", "Besame Mucho", "Sir Duke", "Bye Bye Blackbird" and with the encore "Summertime".

The jury members very charmingly presented the awards and prizes for the winning projects, usually in pairs. The first prize was presented by Minister Nicole Razavi MdL, who spontaneously brought in Daniel Lindemann, winner of the "Young Landscape Architecture" prize in 2022 and member of the jury, to join the "team". She received much applause for her recognition: "The Baden-Württemberg Landscape Architecture Prize will continue to provide impetus for building culture in the state in 2024. I was particularly impressed by the design power, courage and creativity of the award-winning projects. They are exemplary examples of how we can improve the quality of life in the city and in the countryside through creative planning and design of our open spaces."

The award-winning offices usually had a large number of participating employees, the client, planning participants and the managers of the gardening, landscaping and sports field construction companies on stage. Some mayors used the opportunity and the lectern to quickly thank the guests for the award or make a statement. Stephan Lenzen from RMPSL Landschaftsarchitekten, winner of the first prize with the project "Neuer Grünzug Nordost - Mannheim verbindet!", also took the opportunity to recommend to the Minister that, in view of the important fields of activity, even more focus should be placed on landscape architecture in the future.

Baden-Württembergischer Landschaftsarchitektur-Preis 2024: Impressionen der Preisverleihung im Hospitalhof, Stuttgart. Film: DieMedienexperten

With so much enthusiasm and excitement on the part of all those involved, the award ceremony could not be held within the planned time frame, although the finale with culinary delights from the Kulturwerk Stuttgart in the foyer of the Hospitalhof was tempting.

The ceremony was once again a meeting point for the prizewinners and award winners, the clients and participants of the competition, the landscape architects and numerous students of the Nürtingen-Geislingen University of Applied Sciences who still want to become one, as well as the guests of the bdla.

Impressions of the award ceremony


Projects "to take away", awarded and nominated, were presented in the form of the competition documentation 2024, which was published hot off the press at the award ceremony.

A corresponding exhibition will premiere at the Wangen im Allgäu 2024 State Garden Show in June of this year. In the fall, it will be presented for two months at the Architekturschaufenster Karlsruhe ASF and accompanied by the lecture series "Landscape Architecture: Excellent!".

Further information on the award ceremony and the winning projects is linked and available below:

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