State Garden Shows

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Landscape architects promote state garden shows: State garden shows like the one in Baden-Württemberg have become a tradition in many German states. Since the first state garden show in Ulm in 1980, landscape architects have been contributing their expertise and experience to ensure that state garden shows continue to thrive.

To ensure the future of the garden shows, the Förderungsgesellschaft für die Baden-Württembergischen Landesgartenschauen mbH has been taking care of their further development since 1987. And to ensure that further open spaces are created for future generations in the decades to come. The coming projects are allocated in Baden-Württemberg until the year 2025.

The bdla Baden-Württemberg has been a co-partner of the development company since 1996. It acts as an advisor in many important areas for local authorities organizing a state garden show or a green project in Baden-Württemberg.

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State garden shows

Landscape architects promote state garden shows.



The bdla is a voluntary union of landscape architects working in Germany or with German nationality.