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Workshop discussion on the future of "Landscape Planning in Hesse", 14 March 2017, 2.00 p.m.

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The Association of German Landscape Architects, Landesverband Hesssen e. V., in cooperation with the Hessian Association for Nature Conservation and Landscape Management, HVNL, invites you to a joint workshop discussion on "Landscape Planning in Hessen".

Most recently, in December 2014, the Chamber of Architects and Town Planners of Hesse AKH, the Association of German Landscape Architects of Hesse and the HVNL issued a joint position paper entitled "Landscape Planning in Hesse - a Necessity", calling on the Hessian State Parliament and the state government to realign landscape planning as the central planning instrument for nature conservation and landscape management in Hesse and to create the necessary foundations for this.

"Land use planning and landscape planning are overburdened by the lack of supra-local specifications on nature conservation and landscape management and the associated shift of state tasks to the municipal level. In addition, hardly any new land use plans have been drawn up in Hesse in the municipal sector in the last ten years. Predominantly, only needs-oriented improvements are made..."

What is the current situation regarding landscape planning in Hessen?

The workshop discussion will formulate answers to this, present good examples from practice and demonstrate the necessity and opportunities of landscape planning as a central instrument of ecological and sustainable landscape and urban development. The concluding exchange of experience with the speakers and participants from planning offices, authorities and nature conservation administration will round off the programme.

Stefan Kappes, landscape architect bdla, member of the board of the HVNL and deputy chairman of the landscape architecture working group, AKH
Bernhard Gillich, landscape architect bdla, BGHplan GmbH, Trier
Christoph Kress, biologist, planning

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