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11th Show Garden Competition The Princely Garden Festival Fasanerie Castle 2018

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lilies.acker! orwokommen unserblumenher

18-21 May 2018 - Whitsun - Special theme: "Lust for lilies".

The winner of the 11th show garden competition within the framework of the Princely Garden Festival has been determined:
Marcel Tröger from the TU Berlin was able to convince the subscribers of the trade journal "Gartenpraxis" with his design "lilien.acker! oderwokommenunsereblumenher?". Previously, he and two other finalists had prevailed against almost 20 designs in the jury's assessment. Last December, a 10-member jury of experts selected three finalists from the submitted designs. These were put to the vote of the subscribers of "Gartenpraxis" in the January issue. Now the winner was officially announced and two special prizes were presented.

Landgravine Floria von Hessen welcomed the prize winners as well as the invited guests to the official award ceremony on 15 February 2018 at Schloss Fasanerie.
In her welcome address, the patroness of the Princely Garden Festival described the annual show garden as an "indispensable highlight" of the Princely Garden Festival. She also confessed that she was curious to see if there would be any unexpected twists and turns in the construction of the show garden this year. This is always very interesting and makes the attraction of such a project, said the Landgravine.
As co-operation partners of the competition the federation of German landscape architects bdla, regional organization Hessen registered association, as well as the Herbert Heise donation for garden art and landscape architecture together with the Auslober, the Hessian house donation, donated the price money at a value of 1,500 euro as well as in each case a special price endowed with 500 euro assigned:

bdla special prize (according to the jury's decision on December 2):
lilien.acker! or wokommenunsereblumenher?
Author: Marcel Tröger, TU Berlin

Herbert-Heise-Foundation special prize:
How to Lily
Author: Martina Heims and Kai Faust, Master's programme Geisenheim University


Prof. Frank Blecken, Herbert Heise Foundation for Garden Art and Landscape Culture
Ralf Habermann, freelance landscape architect bdla, member of the board bdla Landesverband Hessen e.V.
Anja Heil, Hessische Hausstiftung
Petra Hirsch, DGGL Landesverband Hessen e.V.
Paul Kuhnert, Winner 2015
Tobias Mann, Freier Landschaftsarchitekt bdla, Mann Landschaftsarchitekten, Fulda
Dr. Markus Miller, Museum Director Schloss Fasanerie
Otto Poppa, Fichter Garten- und Landschaftsbau
Jonas Reif, Gartenpraxis
Barbara Siehl, Hessische Hausstiftung

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