Lecture series "International Landscape Architecture" 2023 - The art of context

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The exchange between architecture and landscape architecture

The development of future-oriented urban spaces presents a wide range of challenges for the design disciplines of architecture and landscape architecture. The topics of resource-conserving, resilient construction, the design of usable and playable spaces and the development of suitable atmospheres are interdisciplinary.

An early dialog between the designing disciplines enables a comprehensive and joint development of the project.In the best case scenario, knowledge can merge, the appropriate paths for the project can be taken and the perspective and understanding for each other can grow. The optimum solution for the location can thus be found. The building enters into a dialog with its context, the urban space gains a special place, the outside has an effect on the inside.



RINN - Hessen


This year's series of events will provide insights into various interdisciplinary projects and the work of the project teams. Representatives of landscape architecture and architecture will report on their cooperation, the hurdles they faced and their findings, right up to the joint result. An encouragement to start this path early and develop it together.


Event films

"Innen + Außen + 1" - 12.10.2023

The event film from 07.09.2023 " Swimming pools and leisure facilities - simply complicated"
with Sara Weßeling, GEISING BÖKER GmbH, Hamburg and Beate Czernohous, Wiebold LandschaftsArchitektur GmbH, Osnabrück,
is available HERE.

The event series is a cooperation project of the German Architecture Museum DAM in Frankfurt
with the Association of German Landscape Architects bdla, Hesse State Association and
with the Association of German Architects BDA - BDA Hesse

Hentschelstraße 18, 60318 Frankfurt am Main

Thursday, 07.09.2023, 7 - 9 pm

Lecture evening at DAM OSTEND
Swimming pools and leisure facilities - simply complicated
Sarah Weßeling
, GEISING BÖKER GMBH, Hamburg / Vechta
Beate Czernohous, Wiebold LandschaftsArchitektur GmbH, Osnabrück

Thursday, 12.10.2023, 7 - 9 p.m.

Lecture evening at DAM OSTEND
Innen und Außen 1
Martin Haas, haascookzemmrich STUDIO2050, Freie Architekten PartG mbB, Stuttgart
Dieter Grau, landscape architect bdla IFLA, Henning Larsen, Überlingen

Thursday, 16.11.2023, 7 - 9 pm

Lecture evening at DAM OSTEND
Lern- Lebensort Schule - Bildungscampus Luise Büchner Darmstadt
Prof. Felix Waechter, WAECHTER WAECHTER ARCHITEKTEN PartmbB, BDA, Darmstadt
Heinz-Jürgen Achterberg, foundation 5 landschaftsarchitekten bdla, Kassel

Thursday, 07.12.2023, 7 - 9 pm

Lecture evening in the DAM Auditorium
100 meter run in fours - The art of designing together
Sarah Becker, holger meyer gmbh, Frankfurt a. M.,
Swantje Nowak, nowak.müller Landschaftsarchitekten PartG mbH, Munich

  • Gregor Gutscher
  • Swantje Nowak

Afterwards, the organizers invite you to an exchange with drinks and finger food, admission free.

Further training
For participation in the lecture series, 2 further training points will be awarded by the Chamber of Architects and Town Planners of Hesse AKH.

Further information is also available at www.dam-online.de.

Photo credits - Collage DAM from left to right:
Delfinoh Nordhorn ©Wiebold LandschaftsArchitektur
Alnatura Campus, Darmstadt ©HenningLarsen
LEIQ Offenbach, holger meyer ©HHVISION on behalf of Hamburg Trust and Lupp
Bildungscampus Luise Büchner Darmstadt ©foundation5 Landschaftsarchitektur

We would like to thank the following for their kind support of the event series

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