Hanover nominated for the German Sustainability Award of the Allianz Environmental Foundation

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The German Sustainability Award honours the sustainability commitment of German municipalities.

The Allinaz Environmental Foundation will provide 35,000 euros each to the winner of the categories large, medium-sized and small towns.

This is the sixth time that Germany's most sustainable cities and municipalities have been honoured. Nominated for the large cities category are Aachen, Gelsenkirchen and Hanover. Finalists among the medium-sized cities are Geestland, Herten and St. Ingbert. Among the small towns and communities, Eltville, Nettersheim and Saerbeck prevailed.

The 12-member jury of the German Sustainability Award, chaired by Prof. Dr. Günther Bachmann, Secretary General of the German Council for Sustainable Development, will decide which three municipalities will receive awards on December 8 during the German Sustainability Day in Düsseldorf.

The German Sustainability Award for Cities and Municipalities is an initiative of the Stiftung Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis e. V. (German Sustainability Award Foundation) in cooperation with the German Federal Government, the German Council for Sustainable Development, leading municipal associations, business associations, civil society organisations and research institutions.

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