Result HolzKunstWerk for the State Garden Show Bad Iburg

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The bdla young talent competition for the State Garden Show Bad Iburg 2018 has been decided. 7 groups with a total of 20 participants took part in the competition.

Many thanks for this dedicated participation!

The jury met on 16 February 2018. The jury of the competition, composed of representatives of the Landesgartenschau implementation company, landscape architects of the bdla and one representative each of the Runge company, the Niedersächsische Landesforsten, the Jade University of Applied Sciences Oldenburg and an artist, awarded prizes to three winning designs. An order of priority was not assigned, the three winner draughts received thereby a prize money at the same height of 400, - euro.

The design "Wabe" by Fabian Wichert and Alex Staroweit was chosen for realisation at the Landesgartenschau Bad Iburg.

The winner honour takes place on 08 June at 16.00 o'clock on the national horticultural show in the forest cure park at the location of the realized object.


Fabian Wichert

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