General Meeting Lower Saxony Bremen in Bad Iburg

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The next members' meeting will be held at the site of this year's State Garden Show in Bad Iburg.

Date : 08 June 2018

Procedure and agenda:

10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.:
General Assembly, Bad Iburg, Haus Kroneck-Salis, Schlossstr. 17, 49186 Bad Iburg
- Tel.: 05403/9776

TOP 1 Welcome Formalities

- Round of Introductions

- Approval of the agenda

- Approval of the minutes of the last General Assembly

The minutes of the meeting of 01.09.2017 are available in the members area*.

TOP 2 Annual report and budget 2017/2018

- Annual report of the board

- Budget report 2017, budget 2018

- Discharge of the board and management.

Annual Report and Budget Report 2017 are available in the members area*.

* Download of the documents:

TOP 3 Reports from the working groups

- Training, Prof. Dr. Stefan Taeger

- Construction technology and standards, Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Küsel

- Competition, Prof. Ing. Irene Lohaus

TOP 4 Amendments to the bylaws

- Extraordinary membership

- Membership free of charge after founding an office

TOP 5 Outlook for activities in 2018

- Events on Green Infrastructure

- Baukultursymposium

- Lust auf Grün! Weser trip to the architectural era

- Regional events

- Series on the use of materials

- Open round: Ideas, wishes, suggestions of the members for 2018/1

TOP 6 Election of the board and one of the two cash auditors

1. Election of a chairperson

2. Election of two vice-chairpersons

3. Election of an assessor from the group of employees/officials.

4. Election of a cash auditor

The following are standing for election as: Chairman - Gotthard Storz; Vice Chairmen - Georg Grobmeyer and Petra Schoelkopf; Assessors - Sabine

TOP 7 Miscellaneous

1.00 p.m. to 2.00 p.m.: Lunch break

with the possibility of eating together at Haus Kroneck-Salis.

14.00 hrs to 16.00 hrs : Guided tour of the State Garden Show Bad Iburg

The idyllic little town of Bad Iburgat the foot of the castle, the Iburg, and situated on the southern slope of the Teutoburg Forest, is hosting the 6th Lower Saxony State Garden Show (LaGa) in 2018. With a history dating back almost 1000 years, the Kneipp spa town stands for health and well-being. A triad of Waldkurpark, Kurgarten with the Blütenterrassen and the Charlottenseepark provide the setting for this year's State Garden Show. The office A 24 landscape from Berlin developed for this the framework planning.

Professor Norbert Kloeters, Aachener landscape architect and member of the selection committee meant in addition: The office A 24 sets skillfully into scene, which has to offer the small city at the Teutoburger forest at beautiful around the lock with Charlottensee and forest health resort park and solves completely besides elegantly and up-to-date the urbanistic integration of the health center and the Dörenbergklinik. The existing magic of Bad Iburg in the landscape at the Teutoburg Forest with the imposing castle makes this design well visible."

The tour will be led by Friederike Pellengahr-Dannenberg, Landesgartenschaugesellschaft Bad Iburg.

4.00 p.m.: Award ceremony

Award ceremony for the bdla young talent competition "HolzKunstWerk", which was implemented in a clearing in the Waldkurpark.

The winners were Alex Starowoit and Fabian Wichert with the object: "Honeycombs", both students of the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences.

The participants of the competition were to design favourite places between function and emotion, which are spatially visually and also sensually appealing, as a complement to the beautiful beech forest. These favourite places should be developed as creative seating elements / places to stay for resting, relaxing, observing and as a place to meet. Wood should be used as the main material, in accordance with the forest location.

Please register as soon as possible.

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