H 27 - Environmental construction supervision

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The 2nd edition of the AHO booklet No. 27 has been published.

It describes in detail the basic principles and tasks of environmental construction supervision in construction projects and reflects the practical experience gained since the first edition in January 2012, which has contributed to the expansion of the explanations in the booklet.

The catalogue of services presented shows how varied and extensive the tasks and responsibilities can be. With the catalogue of tasks, the user is offered a comprehensive performance profile that can be tailored to the respective performance requirements of the project.

The character of the service "environmental construction supervision" as well as the technical and personal requirements for suitable service providers are also discussed. Insurance and liability issues are also dealt with, as are questions of remuneration with references to essential fee parameters.

From the contents:

- Main features of environmental construction supervision

- Description of the main tasks

- Suitable service providers

- Insurance and liability issues

- Principles for the assessment of the remuneration

- AHO-catalogue of tasks of an environmental construction supervision

The booklet can be ordered at

ISBN: 978-3-8462-0821-2, approx. 68 pages, 24.80 €.

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