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On the occasion of the State Garden Show Bad Iburg 2018, the Association of German Landscape Architects Lower Saxony Bremen had called on students and young graduates from Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia to contribute their planning expertise to the design of an attractive recreational element in the Waldkurpark.

The award ceremony for the "HolzWerkKunst" competition then took place on 8 June on the grounds of the State Garden Show. The award ceremony did not take place at the winning design as planned, but was moved to the Butterfly House due to a heavy thunderstorm. With Gotthard Storz, Georg Grobmeyer and Petra Schoelkopf the new executive committee of the national association congratulated the winners.

A short break in the rain allowed the tour of the State Horticultural Show to continue and a photo of the winners of the Young Scientists Competition in front of the imposing Bad Iburg Castle. (from left: Georg Grobmeyer, Merle Winkelmann, Florian Falk, Sven Huslage, Findus Reinkober, Fabian Wichert, Alex Starowoit, Gotthard Storz, Petra Schoelkopf. Photo Hajo Flemmig)

The competition was won by three student planner groups from the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences. At its meeting in February 2018, the jury did not assign a ranking to the designs "Monteto", "Mushroom Structures" and "Honeycombs", but recommended the design "Honeycombs" by Fabian Wichert and Alex Starowoit for realization. They have designed an optically well perceivable object, which fits harmoniously into the forest landscape under three mighty Douglas firs and creatively uses the material "wood".

The central idea spans a wide arc to the realm of bees, which originally spent a large part of their lives in tree hollows in the forest. In this dwelling the bees came together not only to work but also to rest. The design has taken up this idea of meeting and relaxing. It offers a variety of seating and resting possibilities within the artful construction of a honeycomb and the implied cave. At the same time, the object acts like an oversized megaphone, acoustically amplifying sounds such as rustling leaves, wind, voices, and birdsong.

All designs of the competition for young designers are exhibited in Bad Iburg in the rooms of the Förderverein der Landesgartenschau Bad Iburg, Schloßstr. 5 and can be visited during opening hours.

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