Competition "Our village has a future" decided

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The state evaluation committee of the "Our Village has a Future" competition has nominated three villages to participate in the 2019 national competition.

Backemoor (district of Leer), Bötersen (district of Rotenburg/Wümme) and Räbke (district of Helmstedt) were selected.

The jury, in which Andreas Ackermann, Georg Grobmeyer, Wolfgang Kleine-Limberg, Matthias Kolhoff, Günther Quentin and Sabine Scherer from the bdla participated, toured and evaluated 18 villages in Lower Saxony in six days under the direction of the Lower Saxony Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (ML). These participants had previously been selected via district and regional competitions. A total of 178 villages took part. The closing event for the 26th state competition is scheduled for 05.11.2018.

In all 18 villages, the projects are the result of broad, cross-generational citizen participation and the involvement of numerous clubs and associations. The evaluation and comparison of the villages posed a special challenge to the state evaluation commission. The decision on the selection of the three villages to be nominated was discussed at length, as the result was that many villages were recommended for the federal competition overall or with outstanding ideas in detail.

The results have been published by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection. You can find the results in detail here.

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