Planner Deck 2019 at B.I.G.

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As in previous years, the planner deck will also be set up this year at the B.I.G., the trade fair for building real estate garden.

The prelude to the start of the new gardening season will take place from 30.01. - 03.02. 2019 at the exhibition grounds in Hanover.

In Hall 26, builders, home and garden owners can find out about the planning services offered by structural architects, interior architects and landscape architects, as well as the collaboration between builder and architect. Visitors can address their questions to experienced architects and landscape architects on the planners' deck. Visitors are encouraged to bring plans, pictures or sketches of their house and/or garden. Innovative ideas for new or existing gardens with their spaces to be rediscovered or perhaps successful plant combinations will make the gardens shine in fresh splendour in the new season.

The information stand at one of the largest construction fairs in northern Germany is run by the Lower Saxony Chamber of Architects, the Association of German Master Builders BdB, the Association of German Interior Designers BDIA and the Association of German Landscape Architects.

In addition, interesting short lectures on all aspects of the garden will be held over the weekend.

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