Obituary of Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Liesecke

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With the death of Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Liesecke, born in Halberstadt, at the age of 88, a long-standing member of the BDLA and, in particular, a personality with an international reputation, who was pioneering in the development and high technical level of green roofs in particular.

His extraordinary commitment and active engagement for landscape and sports ground construction research and here especially for the transfer of knowledge from research into practice were honoured among others by the award of the "SILVER LANDSCAPE" of the Federal Association of Garden, Landscape and Sports Ground Construction as well as by the award of the VERDIENSTKREUZ AM BANDE of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Prof. Liesecke had his professional focus at the Technical University in Hanover, where he represented the 'Technology of Green Space Construction' as an assistant for many years. After a professorship in Geisenheim (1981- 1983), he took over the newly created teaching and research area 'Technical-Constructive Fundamentals of Open Space Planning (Green Space Construction)' of the Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Development as a university professor in Hanover in 1983 and continued to develop it until his retirement in 1993.

The special esteem in which Prof. Liesecke is held is expressed, among other things, in the initiative of the scientific staff of the department 'Technically Constructive Foundations of Open Space Planning', who have documented his life and work(

In addition to his teaching and research activities at the Technical University of Hanover, Prof. Liesecke was active in numerous committees and working groups, where he contributed significantly to standardization and development work in landscape and sports ground construction. He ended this research and consulting activity in 2011.

Prof. Liesecke was a co-founder of the FLL and played a major role in shaping its research programme in its founding year. In addition, as a member of the FLL's Executive Committee, he helped to determine the main focus of the FLL's work over a period of several years and thus set the course for the FLL's regular work. Under his leadership, a number of guidelines and regulations with a focus on green roofs have been published, which have decisively shaped the reputation of the FLL as a publisher of regulations reflecting the state of the art. Modern green roofs were largely developed by Prof. Liesecke.

For many years, Prof. Liesecke was also very active in the editorial board of the journal "Stadt und Grün" (formerly "das Gartenamt" until 1994). Within the framework of this activity, he always endeavoured to balance the different professional opinions on the main topics in the fields of green space maintenance, garden monument maintenance, vegetation technology, business management and tree care.

The death of Hans-Joachim Liesecke leaves behind sadness at the BDLA and at many professional colleagues who knew him, experienced his commitment and learned to appreciate him as a person who was open-minded towards new developments, always helpful and reserved.

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