Children's play area location law in Bremen

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The draft law on the location of children's play areas has now been amended after taking into account a number of comments made during the hearing procedure. Among other things, the "Green Bremen" alliance had criticised the fact that only 5 sqm of play area/WE should be prescribed for WE between 40 and 70 sqm (here it was previously 10 sqm). It was demanded that this regulation be reversed and the "old" stipulation of 10 sqm playground area for WE over 40 sqm be retained as in the previous law. The bill will be amended accordingly. In future, the size of the usable play area must be a uniform 10 m² for all residential units with more than 40 m² of living space.

In addition, a fifth optional play area for "nature-based play experiences" is added to the bill.

It is also important to note that the provision of large open areas with play facilities cannot be the task of the housing industry, but must be the general task of urban planning.

Taking into account all the amendments, the legislative process is to be continued in the near future. The aim is for the new version of the KSpOG to come into force by the end of 2020.

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