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Conference in Verden - Green infrastructure in urban and rural areas

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Verden was the first location to present innovative examples of green infrastructure. The project [Raum]Gewinn of the Lower Saxony Chamber of Architects, whose central concern was to highlight open space planning in rural areas, was the starting point for this. Successful examples of interdisciplinary planned projects that emerged from competitions or participatory processes were presented, discussed and also visited during a tour of the Aller-Ufer-Park. In addition, experts from administrative practice shed light on the central issues of funding and pointed out ways to use the funding effectively.

The documentation on the event is available in pdf format.

The event was organised by the "Green Infrastructure" working group in the Netzwerk Baukultur in Niedersachsen e. V. (Building Culture Network in Lower Saxony).

Members of the working group:

bdla Niedersachsen+Bremen, Chamber of Architects of Lower Saxony, Leibniz University of Hanover, SRL, Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Climate Protection, Lower Saxony Association of Towns and Municipalities, Lower Saxony Association of Cities and Towns, and the Lower Saxony Association of Counties.

Foto: Doris v. Dressler

Foto: Doris v. Dressler

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